6 Must-Know and Hard Facts About Fast Fashion

With the advent of the 20th and 21st centuries, fashion became much more accessible. Rapid technological development and drastic changes in the socioeconomic life of people led to the birth of mass production in the fashion industry. The process can be summarized in one phrase – “fast fashion.” Thanks … [Read More...]

5 Common Mistakes Beginning Artists Make All the Time

Mistakes are an inalienable part of human growth and progress. No one is impervious to mistakes, but sometimes the whole generations repeat them time after time without trying to avoid them in the first place. Such common mistakes are some of the biggest struggles of beginning artists who have a … [Read More...]

Art Modeling: Not as Sexy as You Might Think

When people hear of art modeling for the first time, they tend to think that it is some sort of an enormous act of passion. The reality, though, is not as it seems. While the process of posing is indeed laborious work, it’s far from being “sexy.” What does … [Read More...]

Heller Conservation Services: How to Preserve Art Effectively

No matter how high the quality of a material, it is vulnerable to deterioration. Either poor storage conditions or mechanical damage, there are many factors influencing the condition of an item. Fine and decorative arts are especially sensitive in this regard. High value and extensive fragility make antique furniture, paintings, … [Read More...]

Art Tourism: How to Plan Your First Art Trip

The era of contemporary art brought to global society a new understanding of aesthetics. Each new year, the art industry becomes bigger and more sophisticated. Without exaggeration, art has become an essential part of people’s daily life rather than an unattainable luxury of a luxury consumer. Some changes are also … [Read More...]

Grant Wood and the Real Nature of Regionalism

Many people nowadays associate Grant Wood with his most famous and iconic painting, “American Gothic.” While this is one of the most widely recognized artworks in post-war American art, the artist did a bit more than create a world-famous masterpiece. First and foremost, he is the central … [Read More...]