Dutch Landscapes of the 17th Century. Features and Artists

One of the important criteria influencing the development of painting in a particular region is its climate. Except for the natural resources, which can be used for making colors and canvases, weather conditions also influence the mood and themes of paintings. Thus, Dutch landscapes of the 17th century perfectly reflect … [Read More...]

Netsuke: Traditional Japanese Miniature Sculpture

Netsuke is a Japanese miniature sculpture, which was very popular in the Edo period (1603–1868). Its appearance was caused by traditional fashion and the popularity of tobacco. Japanese kimonos didn`t have pockets, so all necessary stuff was attached to the belts. Pouches and wallets were fastened with a … [Read More...]

Disability Art: Famous Artists and Their Medical Conditions

In the past, disabled people had to become homeless beggars and outcasts, as babies with disabilities were considered a product of evil, with their medical conditions being granted to them personally by the devil. As of today, society’s attitude to incapacitated people has drastically improved, and the world of art … [Read More...]

The Science Behind a Virtual Gallery

When reading about art exhibitions on our blog, you might have noticed that some galleries host virtual exhibitions. The popularity of 3D online shows has drastically risen over the last couple of years. As of today, a virtual gallery is not only a unique and customizable visitor experience but also … [Read More...]

Memento Mori: The Theme of Death in Art Throughout History

Death and mortality are probably the most ingrained themes in the world of art. The iconic phrase “memento mori,” which literally means “remember that you must die,” has become an unperishable symbol of people’s attitude to life and its transience since the times of cave paintings. Let’s explore … [Read More...]

The Most Beautiful Marble Catholic Sculptures

Catholic sculptures and paintings, along with Orthodox icons, defended their right to exist many years ago. Adherents of iconoclasm in the early and middle Medieval periods tried to prove the sacrilege of the image of God and the Virgin Mary in visible and material artworks and to prohibit their veneration. … [Read More...]

Top 5 Venetian Painters of the Renaissance

Paintings of the Italian Renaissance are very diverse because of the art differences between the regions. Artworks by artists from Siena, Umbria, Florence, Padua, and Roman schools are recognizable and have their own features. However, the list would be incomplete without the artworks by Venetian painters. It was in Venice … [Read More...]

What Is an Art Block and How to Get Out of It?

There is nothing abnormal in feeling discouraged and demotivated. Even the most hardworking people get into situations when they literally have no desire to do anything, be it something job-related, cleaning a room, or going to a store. In the world of art, it is called an art block, … [Read More...]

When Is the Best Time to Become a Professional Artist?

Have you ever heard something like this? “First, you have to complete formal education and earn a fine art degree” or “Artists are born, so you need to discover the talent as early as possible” or “You know, Georgia O’Keeffe painted throughout the later years of her life.” These … [Read More...]

Pen and Ink Techniques to Start Making Art Right Away

Did you know that the pen and ink technique became widespread during the Chinese Tang (618-906) and Song Dynasties (960-1279)? Back then, people used animal hair brushes dipped in colored or black ink. The Western World didn’t stay behind and kept up with the easily accessible art medium. … [Read More...]