Introducing Franck Muller Brand New Watches

Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes founded the Franck Muller brand in 1991 with the aim to create exclusive high-end watches characterized by original designs and complicated movements. Since then, this company has grown into one of the leading luxury watch brands in the world, producing some of the finest and … [Read More...]

Top 5 Luxury Cars for 2018

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Designed for powerful people who expect the same from everything they own, starting from exclusive watches to the way they travel the world, luxury cars are among the most comfortable and refined vehicles in the world. Besides, some of them are also a profitable investment option offering incredible opportunities to … [Read More...]

Top 5 Ladies Luxury Watches for This Winter

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What modern woman does not want to start 2018 in style? Needless to say that one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to complement the image with new designer accessories. How about investing in a luxury watch? While the best ladies watches for this year are only expected … [Read More...]

Art Basel Miami Beach 2017 Highlights

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Bringing together the most cutting-edge artists and more than 250 leading galleries from around the world, not to mention fashion designers and celebrities, Art Basel Miami Beach is undoubtedly the hottest event of Florida’s winter cultural scene. Opened to the public on December 6, it will run until December 10, so you … [Read More...]

Best Ladies Luxury Watches for the Upcoming New Year

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Buying a ladies luxury watch is not as simple as we would like it to be, especially taking into account a variety of fashionable designs and styles out there. Moreover, this task becomes even more challenging when it comes to choosing a very special ladies watch that should symbolize a … [Read More...]

Luxury Yachts and Their Celebrity Owners

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While high-end watches, exclusive cars, and fine cigars are all an integral part of the luxurious lifestyle, the truth is that nothing says luxury more than a large superyacht. Equipped with more gadgets, amenities, and sophisticated technology than the best hotels, these prestigious vessels are true nautical marvels of … [Read More...]

Best Religious Paintings and Their Hidden Meaning

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It is not a secret that religious icons, especially antique Russian icons, are full of symbolism. From texts and hand gestures to garments worn by saints, everything depicted in them has a deeper hidden meaning. The same applies to the works by many world famous artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, … [Read More...]

Introducing Most Expensive Breitling High-End Watches

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Christmas is full of cheer, love, fun, and festive events. It is also a long marathon of visiting family, baking, dinners, and parties. Moreover, since holiday shopping now happens not only before but also after Christmas, everyone has much more chances to find something special to his or her liking. … [Read More...]

NYC Events You Do Not Want to Miss This Christmas

Christmas is almost here! Most likely, you have already made all the preparations for this big annual event commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. If not, no need to panic as there are always simple yet effective ideas on how to create a perfect fairytale atmosphere in your home. How … [Read More...]

Best High-End Watches with Seriously Playful Design

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It’s hard to argue with the fact that fine watchmaking is a serious thing that requires the highest precision, craftsmanship, and innovation. However, while it is serious, it is still full of creativity and dreams that sometimes take a very unusual form. For instance, the world of high-end watches … [Read More...]

Best Designer Bag and Luxury Watch Combinations 2017

Virtually every woman would agree that a handbag is an indispensable accessory. For some, it serves as an essential little home where they keep the entire world. For others, it is a fashion accessory that underlines their taste, superiority, and refinement. This is especially true for designer bags used to … [Read More...]

Choosing an Ideal IWC Luxury Watch as a Gift

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What do you know about IWC watches? First of all, they are some of the most high-quality timepieces on the market. Secondly, this renowned Schaffhausen-based company offers models for both men and women. Plus, its collection is distinguished by a variety of high-end watches created in all … [Read More...]

Top 5 Cushion-Shaped Luxury Watches for Men 2017

Who said that a masculine watch should necessarily come in a classic round-shaped or Art Deco rectangular-shaped case? In fact, modern luxury watches for men are designed in all possible cases, with various forms and shapes to meet any style and taste. However, among such diversity, cushion-shaped … [Read More...]