A New York Dealer Drops Partner Michael Ruiz After Artists Complained He Withheld Their Work and Payments for Sales

Gallerist Nicole Calderòn has parted company with her controversial business partner, Michael Ruiz, having dropped his name from their joint gallery in New York, Calderòn Ruiz, now called simply Calderòn. “[We will] continue the gallery’s mission to diligently foster the careers of Latinx artists,” Nicole Calderon said in a … [Read More...]

Artists Announced for Russian Pavilion at Venice Biennale

Grisha Bruskin, Sasha Pirogova, and the Recycle Group’s Georgy Kuznetsov and Andrei Blokhin will represent Russia at the 57th Venice Biennale, which opens in May. The exhibition will be curated by Semyon Mikhailovsky, who has worked with the Russian government in the past. The artistic director of the biennale, Christine … [Read More...]

Three Heritage Workers Shot in Ambush by Looters in Iran

Image Muhammad-saleh-Rosramzada-Wrya-Budaghi-Our-Finger-Hasn‘t-Got-Ink-Yet.-Video-documentation-of-performance-Part-of-CAI-Manchester.-UK-2010.-Courtesy-ArtRole-256x256.jpg

A group of Iranian cultural heritage workers—one worker from the Iranian Heritage Bureau, and two archaeological site experts—were attacked while inspecting a site of suspected looting in the Kurdistan Province of Iran, as reported by Azad News Agency on January 3. Recommended Reading Yorkshire Sculpture Park Challenges Border Controls With Email … [Read More...]

Looted Items from War Zones Seized from Geneva Freeport

Swiss prosecutors have revealed that they discovered looted artifacts, including objects from Palmyra in Syria, as well as from Yemen and Libya, stored at the Geneva Freeport in 2013. According to Swiss authorities the items traveled from Qatar to Switzerland and were then deposited in the Geneva Freeport in 2009-10. It was … [Read More...]

Vladimir Putin Debates Artistic Freedom on Russian TV

Russian President Valdimir Putin spoke out about artistic freedom on Friday, during a televised debate with actor and theater director Yevgeny Mironov. Putin said that he would defend artistic freedom, and that efforts to interfere with art and theater were “absolutely inadmissible,” according to the New York Times. The … [Read More...]