The Lewis Prize for Music – Letter of Interest Open

Champions and leaders of community youth music programs are heroes. The Lewis Prize for Music celebrates mentors who empower and inspire young people to use music as a force for good. The Lewis Prize for Music is excited to announce the opening of its inaugural awards process. At the core… [Read More...]

YouTube Captions Suck. Now A Campaign To Fix Them

Proper captions should not only fit the right words to a video’s audio content—a feat that automation struggles to achieve—but also use correct grammar and punctuation, describe sounds like the eerie creak of a door or the crackle of gunfire, and differentiate between speakers so deaf audiences know who’s talking… [Read More...]

Faculty – Arts Administration

Butler University’s Jordan College of the Arts (JCA) invites applications for a full-time, 9-month faculty position in the Department of Arts Administration beginning August 2020. POSITION: Butler University’s Jordan College of the Arts (JCA) invites applications for a full-time, 9-month faculty position in the Department of Arts Administration beginning… [Read More...]

Prejudging The Movies – When The “Buzz” Gangs Up

“Today, the forces of entertainment marketing, social media and grievance culture are increasingly colliding, with the casualty being the movies themselves. Why wait to actually see “The Irishman,” Martin Scorsese’s long-gestating project about Jimmy Hoffa and the mob, when you can start fact-checking it months before… [Read More...]

Study: Political Values Influence Food Choices

“New research suggests that the divergent moral values underlying our polarized politics can influence our judgments even in a presumably non-partisan arena such as diet. The study finds that both liberals and conservatives perceive a food product as less healthy if the advertising pitch fails to align with… [Read More...]

What Will Boris Johnson Mean For UK Arts?

Johnson threw his weight behind expensive projects such as a new cultural and educational quarter and the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower in the Olympic Park, and relocating the Museum of London to Smithfield. But on other aspects of arts and culture funding, his record is patchy. – Arts Professional [Read More...]

Does This Video Show Banksy?

It was shown on ITV London at the time but then forgotten about until the Bristol-based ITV News reporter Robert Murphy stumbled upon it when he was doing some research on Banksy. – Irish Times [Read More...]

How “Game Of Thrones” Is Like Chaucer

The fate of Chaucer’s unfinished works suggests there may be something to be appreciated in the peculiarly suspended state in which fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones currently find themselves. Should Martin be compelled to abandon his saga for one reason or another, he… [Read More...]

How The Trump Era Has Changed Comedy

“When satire is doing a good job, it’s not just punching up. It’s reminding us of our complicity.” But there’s no double meaning in outrage: “Outrage tells you, ‘Here is the thing, here is the thing that’s bad, here is the thing that’s good. … It says exactly what… [Read More...]

Ballet and Opera Production Stage Manager

Do you wish to have your feet in one world and a voice in another? Come join the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance and experience Opera and Ballet productions all in the same organization. Production/Stage Manager (Opera & Ballet) Position Description(Full-Time, Seasonal) A) Basic Function: The Production/Stage Manager… [Read More...]