A quantum beamsplitter that relies on dust

Enlarge / This is a more traditional beam splitter. Note the lack of white paint. (credit: Colorado State) Once a year, everyone at the MESA+ Institute*, where I work, gets together to celebrate the achievements of the past 365 days. Everyone listens to talks by students, post docs, and learned professors. If… [Read More...]

Measuring viscosity with tiny golden antennas

Image ArsBlood-640x426.jpg

(credit: Universal Images Group / Getty Images) I was kind of shocked and amazed by a recent publication in NanoLetters. It seems that viscosity measurements are still difficult. In my ignorance, I had assumed that this was a solved problem. And, just to show the depths of my ignorance, it turns… [Read More...]

From expert pitchfork user to competent Mac user

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(credit: Kris Connor/ Getty Images) I grew up in a low-tech household. My dad only replaced something if it caught fire. We owned about 15 cars (mostly Humber 80s), and 13 of them were used to keep the other two running. Same story for tractors and any other farm equipment you… [Read More...]