Best Mortgage Rates for January 2021

Buying a home is typically a long term investment. When you buy a home, you generally have several decades to pay off the loan. In fact, while there are different loan terms to choose from, most home buyers opt for mortgage loans that have a standard 30-year repayment term. Given … [Read More...]

Yes, Blockchain Mortgages Are a Thing Now

Applying for a mortgage might be one of the hardest things about buying a home. It takes longer than, say, applying for a credit card, and it’s a lot more expensive for homebuyers thanks to processing fees. But according to a recent Moody’s study, blockchain technology — the … [Read More...]

8 Money Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s

There’s a lot to figure out in your 20s as you transition to independence — but we’d argue that money management is one of your top priorities. The education system doesn’t always do a great job preparing young adults to understand fiscal responsibility (and frankly, without the right teacher, finance … [Read More...]

Traditional Financial Advice Is No Longer Relevant

The COVID-19 pandemic has already changed our economy. The U.S. has approved $3 trillion in pandemic-related relief, more than 22 million Americans are applying for unemployment, and 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of closing. At some point, we will all be financially impacted by the economic ripple effects … [Read More...]