Sony PS5 restock today was another disaster

Yesterday, Sony Rewards starting advertising a PlayStation 5 restock, which of course piqued the interest of a lot of folks who are trying to secure one of those consoles. Those consoles went in stock just a short time ago, and it seems that the situation quickly turned into another restock disaster … [Read More...]

Xbox Series X consoles may soon be a lot easier to buy

The Xbox Series X, like the PlayStation 5, has been very difficult to find since it launched in November. While the holiday shopping season no doubt made those stock issues worse, those issues probably won’t be sorted out right away now that we’re into 2021. Demand will still be high … [Read More...]

The DOOM Slayer is about to invade Fall Guys

Crossovers between Fall Guys and other games have been a fairly common sight ever since Fall Guys arrived on the scene earlier this year. Today, Fall Guys social media began teasing an all new crossover, and this is a big one. It seems that it won’t be much longer … [Read More...]