Dragonship Endeavour is flying free, on its way back to Earth

Enlarge / Crew Dragon backs away from the International Space Station on Saturday. (credit: NASA TV) On Saturday evening the Crew Dragon spacecraft carrying NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, named Dragonship Endeavour, undocked from the International Space Station to begin its journey home. The undocking came after NASA and… [Read More...]

The Greatest Leap, part 5: Saving the crew of Apollo 13

Video shot by Joshua Ballinger, edited and produced by Jing Niu and David Minick. Click here for transcript. As Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise floated in the tunnel snaking between the Lunar Module and Command Module, he heard—and felt—a loud bang. Around him, the two vehicles began to contort. Then, the… [Read More...]

The biggest, baddest rocket launches (and landings) of 2016

SpaceX It has been quite a year for rocket launches—to say nothing of landings. As we approach the end of 2016, Ars thought it might be worthwhile to revisit the year in rockets, from attention-getting SpaceX launches to less appreciated but still impressive liftoffs from Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and elsewhere… [Read More...]

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has a problem with its engine

Enlarge / Juno captured this image of Jupiter’s north pole on August 27th. (credit: NASA) For NASA’s Juno spacecraft, all had been going well since its July 4th insertion into orbit around Jupiter—as well as things can go when radiation is slowly eating away at a spacecraft, that is. That ended… [Read More...]