Fashionable Food: A Different Take at Aesthetic Traditions

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Don’t Miss the Upcoming Estate Auction at Showplace!

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The Museum of Russian Icons Has Announced a New Virtual Conference

Orthodox items have always been a topic of interest for Western society. Religious collectibles remain the focus of many contemporary historians, collectors, and dealers. To draw attention to the phenomenon and formulate new ideas, the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA will host a virtual conference titled “Collecting Orthodoxy: … [Read More...]

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5 Golden Rules of Art Handling Everyone Needs to Follow

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Watch Your Back: The Curious Science Under Fashion Backpacks

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Merkaba – Mystical Video Glitch Art by Mohammad Ali Famori

The group exhibition “Glitch Art: Pixel Language” organized by the Iranian art institution Platform 101 was a huge success among contemporary art lovers. Hosted by Bavan Gallery in Tehran, the exhibit featured one-off works of art made by using the most fascinating and progressive techniques. The show was closed on … [Read More...]

Art Shuttle Denver – New York Will Leave on April 2

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