Life Inspiring Visual Art by Anmol Mathur

Many artists are inspired by human’s beauty, while others find their inspiration at ill times. There is also a group of creators who are stimulated by life and nature. Anmol Mathur, a talented artist from India, is one of them. But what makes his art so special? It is not … [Read More...]

“The Mask” — A Series of Remarkable Photographs by Temel Nal

When it comes to fine art photography, many contemporary artists rely on computer technologies to add necessary effects or, in other words, embellish their photos. That’s how photographers can make an impression on viewers. But is it possible to work miracles and create remarkable photographs without additional tools? Today, we … [Read More...]

Outdoor Sculpture Installation: 5 Things You Should Know

When you want to jazz up your space, you primarily think of interior design and decoration of the inner parts of a house. While home décor is undoubtedly important, you shouldn’t forget about an area outside your house—a yard or a garden. Outdoor sculpture is what many people intentionally avoid … [Read More...]

Presidential Aircraft: Top 5 Luxury Jets of World Leaders

Celebrities and successful businessmen are not the only people who can afford and use luxury jets regularly. If to look closer at global politics, one can notice that the majority of the presidents or country leaders have their own high-class aircraft. Presidential airplanes stand out against other private jets … [Read More...]

How to Store Antiques and Collectibles: 5 Actionable Tips

What makes a successful antique art collector? There is no doubt that the ability to forecast art market demand, find the right artwork, and make a deal with sellers is essential, but what is no less important is proper storage of the collection. It is a distinct and complex art … [Read More...]

Evocative and Vivid Portraits by Iryna Fedorenko

These days, an aptitude for painting, photography, sculpture, or any other form of art doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a dazzling success. Contemporary artists should work hard to make themselves successful, often taking on different roles and continuously improving through self-learning. Today, we want to tell you about a truly … [Read More...]

4 Key Things to Know about the Luxury Fashion Industry in 2021

2021 is finally here, and new trends have already started to reveal themselves, especially in the luxury fashion industry. After experiencing a tough year, the luxury market has now accustomed to unwritten rules, and it is ready to surprise you with a bunch of fashion trends that have all the chances… [Read More...]

5 Most Essential Art Services Every Collector Should Use

Being an art collector is definitely not an easy feat. Professional art services are the only thing that comes to the aid of the newbies. What is essential here is to understand what benefits you can extract from them in this or that situation. Because of their fair number, so … [Read More...]

Intriguing Op and Kinetic Art by the Israeli Artist Yaacov Agam

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons User Edward Kaprov photojournalist / CC BY-SA 3.0 Mindbending shapes and weird geometrical figures make abstract art one of the most riveting forms of artistic expression ever existed. Op (optical) art and kinetic art hold a special place in this regard. One look is enough to understand … [Read More...]

Happy New Year 2021!

The year is almost over, and people all around the world are celebrating the end of unsettling times. But is it the end? No one knows since COVID-19 is still around us, and it’s next to impossible to predict the exact date of its complete elimination. Rants aside, 2020 has taught … [Read More...]

300Magazine Wishes You a Merry Christmas!

This year has been one of the most challenging and perplexing over the past decades. COVID-19 has demonstrated how unprepared humanity is for an unexpected virus. The art industry is one of many victims of the global pandemic. With art fairs rescheduled, art exhibitions canceled, and museums closed, everything that … [Read More...]