How to Ship Art without Breaking the Bank?

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Art Storage in the Modern World

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5 Curious Facts about Luxury Cigars

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What Is White Glove Service, and Who Should Opt for It?

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Top 4 Most Expensive Luxury Wines

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Most Exciting Types of Art Installation

With the spurt in technologies and changes in the perception of art, the concept of art installation has broadened, and now this term encompasses several distinct approaches to its understanding. A contemporary art installation is more than just a visual object that you perceive and analyze via a physical agent(s). … [Read More...]

Don’t Miss Art Shuttle New York — Miami on August 7

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What Is Art Appraisal, and Why Should You Use It?

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Why Work With Professional Picture Hangers?

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Top 5 Best Luxury Cars for 2020

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Top 5 World’s Bestselling Fashion Brands

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Frank Chinea Inguanzo’s Mystical Paintings for Sale on Invaluable

Have you heard of the contemporary art magician Frank Chinea Inguanzo and his deeply immersive and authentically mysterious paintings? Works by this Miami-based artist are imbued with dark themes and glum shades, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the new abstract reality, the product of the author’s creative … [Read More...]

What Is Fine Silver, and How to Invest in It?

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The Artistic Concept of Intimacy in the Work of Lauren Mederos

Art is one of the most sophisticated and valuable ways of exploring the entrails of human nature. Through the visual richness of artworks, artists can unmask the most secret feelings harbored by many. The artistic concept of intimacy and sensitivity has become the focal point of Lauren Mederos’ novel series … [Read More...]

Nick Bautista Joins the Collective Exhibition at Agora Gallery

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The Luxury Industry After the COVID-19 Pandemic

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