Buyer’s vs. Seller’s Market: What Do They Mean?

When you’re buying a house, it’s important to know what type of market you’re in: a buyers market or a sellers market. Each type of housing market offers its own set of unique opportunities and drawbacks depending on what side of the equation you’re on. In a buyers market, the … [Read More...]

Here’s What Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Homeowners insurance may seem like an extra expense added to your mortgage each month, but you’re stuck with it since lenders make it a requirement. And with the average cost at $1,211, or about $100 a month, you may think everything in your home is covered. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. … [Read More...]

Here’s How to Bundle and Save on Your Insurance

If you have home and auto insurance, you may save money by bundling your policies. Most companies offer bundles that can save you an average of 10-25% on each policy. That’s nothing to sneeze at since AAA estimates that the average cost of car insurance is about $1,202 annually, and … [Read More...]

The Best $100K Personal Loan Options

Discovering personal loans for $100,000 isn’t a task to be taken lightly. Whether you’re looking for the best debt consolidation loan or getting ready to finance the RV road trip of your dreams, several lenders offer loans in this range. However, average credit borrowers won’t get approved so easily. In … [Read More...]

The Best $10K Personal Loan Options

Taking out a personal loan can be a helpful way to fund a variety of financial needs, like debt consolidation, medical expenses or even everyday expenses if you’ve lost your job. Online lenders, credit unions and traditional banks all offer a variety of $10,000 personal loan options. Many of them … [Read More...]

Airbnb Insurance, Explained

Airbnb is a pioneer of the sharing economy, allowing hosts to rent out part or all of a property to travellers. While many Airbnbs are advertised as an “entire place,” meaning guests have the entire house or apartment to themselves, many listings consist of a private room. Hosts renting … [Read More...]

What Is The Car Insurance State Minimum Coverage

Car insurance protects you and other people financially. Should you get into a car accident, your insurance will help pay for medical bills, personal property damage and legal fees. Because it’s financial protection, it can help protect your most valued assets from being seized in court. Compare Affordable Car Insurance … [Read More...]

The National General Home Insurance Review

National General can cover all of your insurance needs, whether it’s a home, car or even an RV. You can bundle them together and save, or take advantage of any of their other numerous discounts available. And if you’re Earth-conscious, you’re in for a treat (see ‘Restore with … [Read More...]

AARP Home Insurance Review

For members of AARP, AARP offers home insurance through The Hartford. It comes with unique benefits and services you can’t find with other home insurance companies, and you can personalize and customize your coverage to make it suit your needs. You don’t have to join AARP to purchase home insurance … [Read More...]