Here are some more billionaire tears for you to drink up

The temptation is to label the Mets’ offseason a disaster so far, except that it doesn’t seem so out of character for the Mets. It’s kind of just a Mets offseason. Maybe it’s accentuated and louder than a normal Mets offseason, but the foundation is still very much the Queens … [Read More...]

Alex Ovechkin is in a hurry, because he has to be

One of the pleasures of getting back to a normal NHL schedule is that we pick up perhaps the biggest record chase in North American sports, and that’s Alex Ovechkin’s quest for 895 goals. He seems to recognize the urgency, as he’s scored five goals in five games so far this … [Read More...]

He’s right

One of the major tenets of being a sports fan is the conflict you assume with other fandoms. By choosing your side, you actively take up distaste and antipathy for other sides automatically. The back-and-forth is supposed to be part of the fun/misery. And the way these … [Read More...]

This is what it can be

It is hard to remember in the moment, especially when that is the first moment of a qualifier like last night against Costa Rica and the USMNT is giving up yet another stupid goal before coming back for a 2-1 win and you haven’t even cracked that beer that you’re firing … [Read More...]

I’ve had it with relievers

Maybe I’ve rebelled against getting older as long as I can, and I’m coming to accept the hair growing out of my ears combined with the opinions that something in a modern sport isn’t as good as I remember. It’s weird, because I don’t remember having any attachment to relief … [Read More...]

The San Francisco Giants, the ones who stood out

I had about four different drafts of this in my head before I actually sitting down (or in my case, stand up, as I work in reverse) and writing it. I wanted to proclaim the Giants as the anti-rebuild success story, which they kind of are. But not wholly, … [Read More...]

Another black eye for hockey

It’s not so surprising that hockey could step on a few rakes before its season even starts. It’s just surprising how not surprising it is. It would have been bad enough for the sport to deal with Robin Lehner’s accusations of NFL-like painkiller distribution among its teams, trainers, and … [Read More...]

They’re still Manchester Damn City

It’s a little surprising, just a bit, how a team that cantered to the Premier League title and was a Champions League finalist just a few months ago can somehow fly under the radar. But with the noise of Cristiano Ronaldo and his rape accusations landing across town, or Romelu … [Read More...]

It’s showtime!

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to dodge the bags of piss…wait, those aren’t the original lyrics, are they? Well, for the USMNT they might as well be. Read more… [Read More...]