How to Support Small Business on Small Business Saturday

The twelfth edition of Small Business Saturday will be held this Saturday on November 27, 2021, and is geared to encourage consumers to support local businesses by shopping small. First launched in 2010 by American Express the annual shopping holiday looks towards supporting small businesses to stay afloat by encouraging consumers to shop… [Read More...]

Small Business Saturday 2021: What You Need to Know

The 12th annual Small Business Saturday is just a week away falling on November 27, 2021. The annual holiday shopping event puts small businesses across America front and center to celebrate the contribution of small businesses towards local economies and job creation. Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday Small Business Saturday… [Read More...]

5 Action Plan Example Templates

We all need to have effective planning in business to succeed. Unlike to-do lists, action plans focus on the achievement of a single goal simply put they are lists of all of the tasks that you will need to accomplish to meet an objective. Action plans are useful for… [Read More...]

12 of the Best WordPress Hosting Options

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to host and build websites. WordPress is a free open-source CMS that comes with a good selection of themes, plugins architecture, and customizable features to customize your website to fit your business, blog, portfolio, or even online store… [Read More...]

53 Best Gig Apps for Making Bank

With the rise of the gig economy more and more people are opting to work as freelancers or contractors. This is because the opportunities presented help them to work on projects for multiple companies simultaneously and grow skillsets while opening themselves to more opportunities. In addition, gig affords them more… [Read More...]

What is Shopify, and How Does it Work?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses run an online store. It offers a good alternative to opening brick and mortar stores to reach customers on a global level. It helps you increase both your sales and reach without experiencing the growing pains that come with outlet expansion… [Read More...]

How to Make a Photo Slideshow

Have you ever wanted to create a captivating photo slideshow? A photo slideshow can be a useful tool to organize and engage with your audiences by letting you deliver compelling stories. Through the use of photo slideshows, you get to provide information via images about your products and services while… [Read More...]

18 Types of Restaurants to Open

There are so many different types of restaurants, concepts, and dining options out there for you to consider. Most probably you have experienced a number of them without knowing each one had its own unique characteristics. Before you start printing your menus and start cooking, you will need to have… [Read More...]

Small Businesses Add 235,000 Jobs in April

The ADP National Employment Report for April shows small businesses added a whopping 235,000 jobs for the month. April’s figures continue the five-figure growth in new hires across the US by small businesses, March saw 174,000 new nonfarm hirings. Overall the job market across the nation saw some 742,000 new hires… [Read More...]

Best Home Office Filing Cabinets

Let’s face it we all deal with large volumes of paperwork and files on a daily basis. These could be bills, contracts, receipts, title deeds and more. As these documents are important, we need to make sure that they are kept safe and organized to protect from loss, theft … [Read More...]

25 Best Webinar Software Platforms

Hosting webinars and video conferences has become more popular since 2020 as a way of growing businesses and elevating brands. From a business point of view, they boost marketing and sales as they allow you to interact with your audience, respond to frequently asked questions, showcase your business and demonstrate the… [Read More...]

Cash Boxes for Small Businesses

If your business requires you to have petty cash or go on location to collect payments a cash box can come in handy. Especially when you are at trade shows, farmers’ market, or fairs, cash boxes are indispensable. If you do not have a cash register, cash boxes can help … [Read More...]

Best Recycling Bins for the Office

From a business perspective, recycling efforts support good community values and are an important component of an overall waste reduction program. Some recycling actions offer immediate savings and associated benefits while others may involve an upfront cost that can be recovered within a few months. This is where recycling bins … [Read More...]

Best Office Chairs

Working in an office typically involves spending a great deal of time sitting in an office chair – a position that adds stress to the structures in the spine. Sitting down for an extended amount of time actually places a great deal of strain and pressure on the body, and … [Read More...]

Typography Design Trends for 2021

Typography is an essential part of the messaging you want to convey and enhance the brand of your business. With the right fonts, you can evoke emotion or express an idea by either using it in headlines, body text or even your logo. Fonts like comic sans provide a semblance… [Read More...]