The Pump-and-Dump Stock Scam, Explained

Investing in the stock market is a risky endeavor. Not only does it come with the inherent risk of investing in stocks and their fluctuating value, but the stock market is also a place where scams can take place, fooling and ripping off the unaware. One of the most historically … [Read More...]

The Difference Between 10-Year vs. 20-Year Student Loans

The options available for student borrowers and for student loan consolidation can seem almost endless. There are public student loans and private student loans, and they come in an enormous variety of lengths, interest rate, and monthly payments — it seems like deciding which student loan is the best for … [Read More...]

What To Do With Your Tax Refund

As the tax filing season approaches, many people are looking forward to getting their tax return filed, so they can get that long-awaited tax refund check in the mail. ; That envelope from the IRS comes with a big question: what should I do with my tax refund? And, perhaps … [Read More...]

Here’s How APR Affects Your Mortgage

I have lots of readers here in the central Iowa area, so it came as no surprise to me that when I began hearing an ad frequently on local radio advertising a particular mortgage product in terms that were a bit on the confusing side, I received an email about … [Read More...]

6 Common Tax Misunderstandings, Explained

During the first few months of the year, I read lots of articles and hear from many readers on the question of income taxes. It’s not surprising since filing income tax paperwork is part of the life of most American adults during these first few months of the year, … [Read More...]