Latest Price Targets for Gold, Silver and Platinum

Join Chris Vermeulen as he provides an overview, chart patterns, and projected trends for the gold, silver, and platinum markets for the upcoming quarter. Patterns always repeat. Sometimes they take months or years but they always repeat. Gold’s 8 months consolidation is nothing new when we look at 2008 where we lost 34… [Read More...]

How to Spot Boom and Bust Cycles

One of the most important aspects of trading is being able to properly identify major market cycles and trends. The markets will typically move between four separate stages: Bottoming/Basing, Rallying, Topping/Distribution, and Bearish Trending. Each of these phases of market trends is often associated with various degrees of … [Read More...]

Are The U.S. Markets Sending a Warning Sign?

After an incredible rally phase that initiated just one day before the US elections in November 2020, we’ve seen certain sectors rally extensively. Are the markets starting to warn us that this rally phase may be stalling? We noticed very early that some of the strongest sectors appear to be moderately … [Read More...]

Mid-Caps & Transportation Show Upside Targets For Next Rally

An important technical conclusion stemming from the recent volatility spike is that prices must continue to push higher, above previous highs, in order to confirm the continued upside price expectations. The recent volatility spike and downside rotation in the US major stock market were big enough to reset many trending … [Read More...]

VIX and Defensive Sectors React To Perceived Trend Weakness

Since early November 2020, the VIX has continued to decline and consolidate near the 22 level. Late in December 2020 and beyond, the VIX started setting up series high price spikes – which indicates a flagging downside pattern is setting up. You can see this setup across the recent VIX highs. Additionally, the … [Read More...]

U.S. Dollar Decline Creates New Sector Opportunities to Trade

The weakness in the U.S. Dollar, which initiated after the Covid-19 peak in March 2020, has entered an extended downward price trend which is nearing a key support level near 88.33. One key consequence of a weakness in the U.S. Dollar is that other foreign currencies become comparatively stronger. This … [Read More...]

Review of our recent BAN trade in SILJ

After recently closing our SILJ BAN trade, I want to take this opportunity to dissect our trade, including the process of selecting the proper exit targets and protecting capital within a trade. The BAN Trader Pro strategy incorporates these same techniques automatically within the decision making process of generating signals … [Read More...]