Silver Begins Big Upside Rally Attempt

The move we saw in Silver early this week to new 6-year high price levels, above $22.60, is quite likely the biggest upside move in Silver since the bottom in March 2020 – after the US stock market collapsed because of the COVID-19 virus event. This new rally in Silver is … [Read More...]

Energy Sets Up Near Major Resistance – Breakdown Pending

Our research team believes Crude Oil and Energy, in general, has stalled near major resistance and maybe setting up a big downside move as the COVID-19 virus continues to roil regional and global economies. The recent news that the COVID-19 virus cases have skyrocketed suggests further economic shutdowns may push … [Read More...]

U.S. Stock Market Stalls Near a Double Peak

The U.S. stock market stalled early this week as earnings started to hit. A number of news and other items are pending with earnings just starting to roll in. There have been some big numbers posted from JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Yet, the markets have reacted rather muted … [Read More...]

How You Can Prepare for a Bear Market/Economic Reset

Virus cases are starting to show up in other countries with Brazil spiking this week and China warning the virus is mutating quickly and in a very bad way. We are expecting terrible retail sales for another quarter, they are currently worse than 1992, and manufacturing numbers will be horrible again … [Read More...]

Our MarketClub Members Bailed Before Crude Oil Went Negative

If the world wasn’t strange enough right now, the crude oil market just took it up a notch. On Monday, April 20, 2020, the May contract for WTI Crude Oil fell to negative $37/barrel, bizarre territory after a record breaking price drop.Futures traders are rightfully concerned about decreased demand, overproduction, … [Read More...]

Three Charts Every Trader and Investor Must See

Understanding the stock market and its potential through the use of technical analysis and historical price events has been proven repeatedly to outperform all forms of fundamental trading styles. The following is a story that walks you through my experience, the shift in my mindset and how I came to … [Read More...]

Could Gold Rally Above $3750 Before December 2019?

We asked our researchers a question recently, “Could Gold rally above $3750 before the end of 2019?”. We wanted to see what type of research they would bring to the table that could support a move like this of nearly 200% from current levels. We wanted to hear what they … [Read More...]

How to Time Market Tops and Bottoms

On this first full weekend of Summer, we thought we would revisit our June 3, 2019 research post regarding a price pattern we love to trade – the Fibonacci Extension Bounce. This pattern sets up fairly often and the key to understanding this pattern and where these trades present real opportunity is … [Read More...]

Transportation Index Warns of Trouble Ahead

Any weakness in the Transportation Index near current levels would indicate investors and traders believe the global economy may continue to contract going forward and may be an ominous sign for the global stock markets. The Transportation Index is a measure of the current expectations related to shipping, trucking, trains … [Read More...]

Our SPX Index Momentum & Trend Signal

Last week was a great week for trading as we locked in profits on a trade and raised our stops to protect the rest of our open positions. Take a look at how my trading system identifies trends, trades and targets in the chart below. I target 1 – 3% gains within … [Read More...]