After Math: Life on the inside

Congrats on surviving week three of the coronavirus quarantine… or, first if you happen to live in the American south. With so many people spending their days indoors, it should come as little surprise that headlines over the past few weeks have co… [Read More...]

School districts ban Zoom over security concerns

Concerns about Zoom's security are having a real impact on its use in remote education. Some US school districts, including large ones like New York City and Nevada's Clark County, have banned or disabled Zoom over security and privacy worri… [Read More...]

Will SARS-CoV-2 have a long-term impact on the climate?

Enlarge / China has seen pollution levels plunge. (credit: NASA) COVID-19 is bad for human activity and enterprise. Human activity and enterprise is bad for the environment. So since our present situation reduces human activity and enterprise, is COVID-19 good for the environment? The cessation of manufacturing and transportation in Hubei… [Read More...]