Joseph A. Miller Creates Beautifully Memorable Figurative Art

Figurativism, which is a “fancy” and “highbrow” term for figurative art, is, in some sense, a perfect balance between literal and abstract imagery. By drawing and painting shapes, figures, and objects from real life, artists don’t try to emphasize their naturalistic qualities, no. What comes next is the context, message, … [Read More...]

5 Essential Photography Skills to Boost in 2023

Last year, we told you about how to develop your street photography skills, which are undoubtedly useful for all types of photographers. In that blog post, we shared some effective ways to hone your knowledge and talents by following different scenarios without attracting problems. However, we didn’t mention any particular … [Read More...]

Panerai opens new boutique in Basel

Luxury watchmaker Panerai, the manufacturer of luxury timepieces with a DNA that combines Swiss watchmaking know-how with Italian design excellence, opens the doors to a brand-new boutique right in the heart of Basel in partnership with leading watches and jewellery […] [Read More...]