Don’t Miss the Art Shuttle Oregon – New York on April 27

A piece of cheering news for art lovers: Fine Art Shippers has announced its next consolidated cross-country art shuttle. The NYC-based art logistics company is planning to ship artworks from the West Coast to the East Coast. The team of professional art handlers will start in Portland, Oregon, … [Read More...]

World’s 5 Most Exclusive Bars in 2021

Even though luxurious restaurants are indeed a fabulous option for the majority of travelers, many people would still opt for a less formal evening atmosphere. That is when bars and pubs come into play. Here, you can wind down and do not worry much about your image. If you decide … [Read More...]

4 Things People Don’t Understand about Art Therapy

These days, there are plenty of ways of employing fine art in everyday life. Apart from its aesthetic and educational benefits, art holds a considerable healing power that has long been used in psychotherapy. By adopting various practical approaches, therapists can markedly improve people’s mental and emotional well-being with … [Read More...]

Kenyan Orphans Turn Ocean Trash into Flip-Flop Art

Preserving nature is one of the basic responsibilities of every human being. Unfortunately, the state of the global environment is getting worse and worse each year, especially when it comes to ocean pollution. Over the last decade, the oceans have become waste dumps for plastic. To raise public awareness of … [Read More...]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Fine Art Online

Internet shopping is one the biggest boons of the 21st century. With the help of a smartphone or laptop, you can buy almost anything you need, from personal hygiene products to a house. Fine art is no exception. Taking into account all the current restrictions, there is no better time … [Read More...]

Understanding NFT Art: 5 Key Points You Should Know

NFTs. Crypto art. Blockchain. All these buzzwords are now on everyone’s lips. Nowadays, the news is spreading so fast that even the most ardent Internet users can barely keep up with the hectic pace. NFT art has suddenly become another fast-growing virtual trend extending its influence on the real … [Read More...]

Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts When Moving Wall Art

Wall art is one of the indispensable elements of interior design. If chosen right, it not only makes home décor more elegant and elaborate but also adds finishing touches to the room, making it more complete. But there is a flip side of the coin. Sooner or later, you will … [Read More...]

LUNA: The Art Show That Will Launch You to the Moon

No matter how much we know about the Moon, the Earth’s only natural satellite remains an enigma for the majority of people. Surprisingly enough, it always seems so close and yet so foreign when you are enjoying its shining. The most amazing thing about lunar exploration is that you should … [Read More...]

Fashionable Food: A Different Take at Aesthetic Traditions

Modern fashion trends come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they might seem too eccentric or even controversial to you, but that is what modernity is all about, isn’t it? Take, for example, food. There are tons of delicious recipes you would like to try, but typically, people do not … [Read More...]

Don’t Miss the Upcoming Estate Auction at Showplace!

When it comes to estate sales and auctions, there is always a fair chance to obtain some remarkable and valuable items at competitive prices. Typically, auctioneers offer a wide variety of distinctive collectibles, from paintings and decorative arts to fine jewelry and antique furniture. Whether you are an ardent bidder … [Read More...]

The Museum of Russian Icons Has Announced a New Virtual Conference

Orthodox items have always been a topic of interest for Western society. Religious collectibles remain the focus of many contemporary historians, collectors, and dealers. To draw attention to the phenomenon and formulate new ideas, the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA will host a virtual conference titled “Collecting Orthodoxy: … [Read More...]

5 Best London Museums You Must Visit at Least Once in Your Life

London is one of those rare modern-day cities capable of combining centuries-old traditions with contemporary trends. This idiosyncratic blend makes this place a widely popular tourist destination. The Big Smoke is especially loved by art lovers and museumgoers who have a luxurious opportunity to attend some of the … [Read More...]

5 Golden Rules of Art Handling Everyone Needs to Follow

The nature of art handling is very dualistic. On the one hand, it seems that there is nothing easier than packing and shipping fine paintings or art prints, especially if they are small. On the other hand, though, you start realizing the difficulty when you stumble across atypical situations. The … [Read More...]