6 Ways To Avoid College Loans

We all know the big story: College is great, but it’s expensive. Let’s start with the “great” part. Simply put, a college education means a big bump in income. A report by John Winters at the Fordham Institute concludes that the national mean earnings for a person with a bachelor’s … [Read More...]

20 Cheap and Easy Meals That Cost Under $10

The average American household spends more than $6,600 per year on food, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey. That makes up roughly 10% of the median household income in America. This is particularly noteworthy from a personal finance perspective because food is one of the major … [Read More...]

100 Free, Fun Things To Do This Weekend

One key element of my family’s financial turnaround was the idea of a “money-free weekend.” Once every other weekend or so, my family would intentionally spend the time between getting off of work on Friday and returning to work on Monday not spending any money at all (outside … [Read More...]

What Does Frugality Mean?

Merriam-Webster defines frugality as “careful management of material resources and especially money.” Yet, there’s much more than that packed into such a simple word. For some, frugality means hope and opportunity. That’s the feeling I get from the word. For others, frugality means missing out. Frugality can mean … [Read More...]

How To Save for Retirement on a Small Income

If there’s one personal finance tactic that almost everyone agrees on, it’s the value of saving for retirement, or at least saving for your second act. There will come a point where you will no longer want to or will no longer be able to do the work that you’re … [Read More...]

How To Start Your Financial Life Midlife

For some, the realization that financial responsibility is important doesn’t kick in until midlife. You wake up one day, realize you’re in your 40s, and you have no idea where you’re going. It’s time to get started. For others, a midlife calamity can completely reset the financial game. Issues like … [Read More...]

10 Money Books for Children and Teens

Reading is one of the most valuable skills children learn. Not only does reading enable us to navigate the modern world, it provides an endless source of learning and entertainment. I am incredibly thankful that all of my children are avid readers who love nothing more than to have a … [Read More...]

Using Scorekeeping To Build Financial Success

Frugal living often has a nice “honeymoon.” People dive in deep, find lots of ways to spend less money, and revel in the amount left in their checking account at the end of the month. The problem, of course, is that such behavior is often unsustainable. After another month … [Read More...]

Get Maximum Value out of a ‘Thrift Shop Day’

Shopping at a thrift store for something you’re specifically looking for is a great frugal strategy. It’s a way to save quite a bit of money on things like clothing, small kitchen appliances, dishes, furniture, hobby items, and other odds and ends. One of the best ways to turn frugality … [Read More...]

What if You Fear Missing Out on a Hot Investment?

If you’re like me, stories of people turning small amounts into millions during the recent GameStop investment surge may have left you with a feeling of envy. If you could have only gotten in on the ground floor. Or perhaps you wondered if it wasn’t too late to jump on. … [Read More...]

10 Strategies for Beating a Money Addiction

Some 5 percent of Americans have a serious spending addiction, reports The Recovery Village. If you spend without thinking about it, then can’t pay the bills or if you crave spending money, you may have a money addiction problem. And if you do, you’re not alone. Why beating a … [Read More...]

3 Questions About Compound Interest — Answered

Compound interest is an incredibly powerful force. It allows your money to start growing on its own, with the returns exploding in value over time, if you have the patience. While the idea is easy to understand, the actual application of it can be tricky. Does it make a difference … [Read More...]

Do You Really Need a Financial Adviser?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need financial help, it may be tempting to simply look for a financial adviser in your area and turn the problem over to them. However, before you jump on that option, you should ask yourself an important question: Do I really … [Read More...]

Planning To Travel After COVID-19?

The year of COVID has seen most Americans step back from many elements of their lives, from social gatherings to school events, from eating at restaurants to going to concerts. ; One of the biggest changes for many has been the lack of travel. Countless summer vacation plans were nixxed in 2020, … [Read More...]

3 Questions About Small Side Gigs – Answered

The “gig economy” has exploded in the last few years, with many people seeking out opportunities such as Uber, Lyft, Doordash, and other such tools to earn money in their extra hours — or even to turn a gig or two into their full time work. COVID-19 has also played … [Read More...]